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Abco International has airline contract tariffs with all major airports of the world. Our exclusive network of international partners enables us to provide both standard and expedited services for airfreight at origin as well as destination. We offer a wide array of airfreight services, ranging from charting aircraft to hand-carry shipments. The airfreight industry is constantly changing, so our airfreight department is dedicated to providing our customers with the most up to date routing, competitive pricing, and best transit times for all your shipments.

Air Export Import

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We provide pick-up, labeling and marking, packing, loading, customs declaration, inspection and inwards cargo management before shipping, pick-up, and delivery after arrival for customers in textile, electronic, mechanical equipment, food and chemical industry.

Our imports services include bonded warehouses, of which the facilities and regulations meet the requirements of customs, providing door to door integrated logistics services including picking up, international transportation, warehousing, dispatching, and delivery with the qualified distribution providers.