Our Company History

Abco International Freight Inc. was established in 1993 to help Canadian companies manage their flourishing imports and exports as the economy was growing. Over the years, Abco International grew and developed, and soon established a reputation as a leader in providing expertise and quality transportation service for companies between Canada and the Far East. As our company expanded, we extended our reach to South East Asia and the surrounding countries; by the early 2000’s, Abco International Freight had become a global company with partners in over 80 countries worldwide.

Import & Export Services

Abco International specializes in ocean, air and ground transportation. We offer services from your region to various destinations worldwide utilizing all modes of transportation. We are a full logistics company that can provide solutions for your every need through our global network partners.

Delivering creative solutions for all your shipments!

SEA services

We have strong, continuous relationships with carriers from all ports worldwide. This allows us to offer our customers competitive rates while also ensuring that we are working with the most efficient and reliable carriers of the industry.

warehousing and transport

In addition to our consolidation services from base ports in the Far East, our global network of agents and co-loaders ensure that we have frequent services from all major ports, often on a weekly basis.

AIR services

With years of experience in the foodstuff industry, we make temperature-controlled shipments seem like a breeze! Our experienced and dedicated staff will provide all the necessary requirements to ensure that your reefer containers arrive safe and sound at their destination.